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You Won't Regret Living Alcohol-Free

I’ve been on an alcohol-free path for almost five years, and I’ve been coaching in this industry for four of them.

I’ve met SO MANY amazing people - some while taking classes in the early days, some I’ve worked with, and some that find me in the ether when they’ve decided they’ve had enough.

The alcohol-free journey can be tough at first. Lonely. Confusing. Shameful.

But the one thing I always hear regardless of the challenge, is: “I wish I’d done it sooner.”

When we’re questioning our drinking and negotiating with ourselves, the amount of time and energy we spend THINKING about drinking (or not drinking, or when to drink, etc) is EXHAUSTING.

Drinking robs you of your POWER.

It can wear you down and take you away from yourself, while chewing away at your self worth and making you question your ability to choose what you know is best for YOU!

But there IS another way.

And it is joyful and full and WIDE AWAKE.

The process is never linear. You must be patient and TRUST yourself. You won’t be able to quit drinking before you find the willingness to try things a different way.

But I’m here to tell you that when you stop, what’s waiting on the other side is better than you could ever imagine.

There is no right or wrong. There is only freedom.

You won’t regret choosing an alcohol-free life.


xx Andrea


Listen, I know that sobriety is no joke! Heck, even saying the word out loud can feel hard sometimes. That's exactly why I created this coaching business: to support you on your journey through exploring & designing a sober life that sets you free.

If (and when) you're ready to get curious and take action towards creating your dream sober life, get in touch! I'm always one click away, and your ultimate dream life awaits. That I can say for certain ;)

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