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"I’ll meet you right where you are, load you up with tools, resources and support.  Together we’ll design a strategy for your sober success.  You bring the dream.  We’ll make it happen."  

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​Just a few years ago, I was...

  • Using alcohol to cope with stress, boredom, loneliness and exhaustion.

  • Doubting my drinking habits–like my daily glass(es) of white wine or the pre-party cocktails that eased my social jitters before heading out on the town.​

  • Questioning my drinking behaviors–like regretting having "one too many" and wishing I'd been more present for the people I love.

  • Wondering if I needed to make a change...or if I was just driving myself crazy over something totally normal.

  • Searching for the reasons I felt so disconnected from myself, all the while anticipating happy hour so I could do it all again.

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My Story

Hi, I’m Andrea


Officially, I’m a Certified Life and Recovery Coach and a Gray Area Drinking Senior Master Coach.


But in reality, I am just like you.


For years, alcohol was my crutch. Stress, social jitters, boredom, loneliness, exhaustion—you name it and I would find myself pouring a glass of Cabernet to take the edge off. I never hit a catastrophic rock bottom, (and I feel blessed for that every single day). But my energy was zapped, my digestion was horrible, and worse yet, my spirit was totally depleted. 


I decided I was done. I felt disconnected from myself and I was growing unhappier by the minute. I knew I had to make some serious changes, but I had no idea where to begin. Once I finally cut alcohol out of my life, I was able to get clear on some of the unhealthy patterns and limiting beliefs that were keeping me stuck. But quitting drinking was only the beginning. 


Since choosing to live sober in 2017, I’ve learned a ton of new tools to help me with stress and overwhelm. I developed practical skills and routines to keep my nervous system regulated, and my mind, body, and spirit in balance. Plus, I’ve navigated some pretty big things in the past few years as well (i.e. divorce, a move, and the challenges of being a single mom to my two boys.) I’ve worked with therapists, coaches, and guides, as well as taken courses, workshops and I’ve read ALL the books.  


This became more than a journey to “get sober” became the decision that led me home to myself. My depleted spirit began to feel alive, whole, and vibrant again.


And as I did this soul-level work to elevate my emotional, physical and spiritual well-being, I was able to help others through their own journey of healing. And now, I’d love to share my experience and wisdom with you.

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Andrea Shaw, CPC, CPRC & Gray Area Drinking Senior Master Coach, is a heartfelt believer that “you can choose your bottom.” Her coaching technique is a uniquely collaborative partnership that’s customized for each client and confronts unwanted patterns, self-limiting beliefs and fixed mindsets. Concentrations include: managing cravings, Mind-Body-Spirit nourishment, techniques for emotional balance and self-regulation, mindfulness practices, development of healthy boundaries, energetic alignment and intuitive trust, and other holistic approaches. Andrea’s compassionate, non-judgmental style meets clients exactly where they are, and empowers them with accountability and resources so they can shed the guilt, shame and worry–and step into the life they truly desire.

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