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I’m guessing you’re here because…..


You’ve never been an end-stage, lose-everything kind of drinker, but you also know deep in your bones that drinking only holds you back from taking the next steps for a better, more fulfilling life. But when it comes to starting this new, healthier lifestyle, there’s a lot to navigate. Quitting drinking changes much more than what’s in your glass. There are shifts happening all around you and it can feel expansive and empowered, but also disorienting and scary.  


What you do know is that you are done playing small. You’re done pretending that the life you’re living is the life you desire. You want to shine brighter, live fuller, but you feel stuck (and chances are this is making you want to drink even more). It’s time to be honest about ALL of the unhealthy patterns, behaviors, and mindsets you’ve developed along the way.


Did I get that right?


If you are ready to change your relationship with alcohol, then you are in the right place. Through 1:1 coaching, you'll learn how to regulate your nervous system without alcohol, curate a lifestyle that delights you, and open up to a world of freedom and empowerment...a world you won't want to escape.


Are you ready to begin your journey home? 

If you're interested in working with me, please answer a few questions before our free Discovery Call. This information gives me some important background on you before we meet. 

Click below to schedule.

I can't wait to meet you!



​As an alcohol-free lifestyle coach, I know that quitting drinking is never a "one-size-fits-all" process. That’s why when we work 1:1, it will be based on a uniquely collaborative partnership that’s customized just for you. 


I will pull from my years of coaching, training and mentorship experience to provide you with the tools and support you need to crush unwanted patterns and self-limiting behaviors, while also introducing techniques for emotional balance and self-regulation. Join me for a non-judgmental space that empowers you with accountability, resources, and compassion. Once you quit drinking, you will shed the guilt and shame, and open yourself up to a life you’ll love living.  

It’s time to stop letting alcohol hold you back! Join me on your journey to freedom.


My Offerings

1:1 Coaching Package: 12 weeks - $2,375

In weekly 50-minute calls, we will discuss your grievances, hardships, and all your questions to assess what's working and where we need to make changes. Then we will design a comprehensive sobriety support program with your specific needs in mind. This is where the deepest, most important work occurs. You'll go inward while developing your own healing rituals and practices.  You'll receive post-session notes and resources after every meeting, and unlimited email support.

*Coaching Packages Require an application process & 20-min Discovery Call before commitment.

6-Session Bundle (50-minutes/session) - $1,375

Available to clients who've completed a 12-week 1:1 coaching commitment.

*Please inquire.

Coaching Intensive:  One-time, 90-minute session - $275

Perfect if you’ve already worked with me and need a “booster” session.  Also a great option for anyone who’s dabbling with sobriety and wants more information and resources to decide if they want to take the next step. This 'one-and-done' deep-dive session is potent and effective.  I'll meet you right where you are, and together we'll put a plan in action to help you reach your goals. You'll receive a comprehensive list of resources after the call, and a follow-up 30-minute call within 2 weeks.

Coaching Mentorship & Training

( *Packages available for new coaches. Please inquire.)




What is coaching?


Every coaching relationship looks different,
because every person and situation is different. 

When we work together, we’ll decide together how to manage our relationship and make the most of our time. We will become partners - and no two partnerships will look the same.  And no matter what, our work will always involve sharing resources, talking it out, accountability and tons of online support.


Curious what we might examine while you
​work with me? Here’s a sneak peek:

  • Free time – How can you fill your time without alcohol?

  • Cravings – We'll talk about handling cravings, whether it’s a daily 5pm “itch” or a weekend-long ache.

  • Anxiety – I'll show you ways to calm your racing mind and regulate your nervous system without turning to alcohol.

  • Diet, Energy, Fitness – What foods can you eat to stabilize your blood sugar and support your sobriety?  What role can (or should) exercise and fitness play in recovery?

  • Brain Balancing - We'll examine possible neurotransmitter deficiencies and how to restore them to healthier levels.

  • Socializing Without Booze - The biggest fear for many of us!  You'll learn useful skills to navigate social situations (without feeling like you're missing out!)

  • Cultivating Community – This part is essential. We’ll talk about who supports you (besides me!) and how exactly you can build a solid community of people who will “get” what you’re doing and where you ultimately want to go.

  • Sharing Resources – I’ve thrown the book at my own sobriety, and I’m beyond excited (and humbled) to pour everything I’ve learned into you and share all my favorite books, audios, meditations, healing tools and more.​

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