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Quick Pep-Talk For Anyone Facing Pain or Loss

Four years ago, my life looked very different than it does now. I have a photo taken with my family in this very same spot where I'm sitting in this photo. We're all laughing. My head is lifted back, a big toothy smile on my face. The boys are sweaty and dusty from play, and there’s a brown stain on my boot from the drip of a melted S’more.

It felt like heaven.

Since then, a lot has changed. And with all of that change came loss and heartache. There have been times when I truly wondered if life would ever feel beautiful again. Or if I’d ever feel “settled” in the new life I’ve been building for me and my boys.

And you know what I’ve learned?

There’s nothing in this world that will refine you more than a walk through fire. Because when it all burns down and you wish like hell things were different + easier…THAT’S when you get to expand. It can feel scary, but in the end you’ll uncover the superpowers you never knew you had.

I’m writing this today because I know someone needs to hear this:

Whatever pain you’re feeling, whatever transition you’re in, whatever fresh hell you’re facing right now - it won’t last forever. You will survive this. It will not kill you, even if it feels like you’re already gone.

And one day, you will breathe in a deep knowing that this sweet life you’re living is far bigger than your hurt.

There’s a whole world you’ve yet to see with your brand new eyes.

It’s so lovely. I promise.

Hang on tight. 💗

Big love from me to you -

xx Andrea


Listen, I know that sobriety is no joke! Heck, even saying the word out loud can feel hard sometimes. That's exactly why I created this coaching business: to support you on your journey through exploring & designing a sober life that sets you free.

If (and when) you're ready to get curious and take action towards creating your dream sober life, get in touch! I'm always one click away, and your ultimate dream life awaits. That I can say for certain ;)

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