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Sober life design to experience the ultimate freedom, joy, and expression in your already exceptional life.


Imagine what could be next for you.


Let’s design it! 

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Let’s just say I’m super excited that you found your way here!

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As a commitment to living an exceptional life that feels aligned, I have let go of a lot…in order to experience a life full of so much MORE! I am excited to show you what’s available to YOU when you decide what you’re worthy of. 


As a life coach, my passion is showing you how to design, integrate and experience a life that feels remarkably freeing and satisfying. A life that you desire to LIVE! A life that you’re excited to wake up to each and every day. 


You get to choose.  You get to decide when enough is enough.  You don’t need a “rock bottom.”  You can simply  say, “I’m done.”  

Is sober life design for you? 

  • Are you silently questioning your drinking and whether your experiences are normal or healthy?

  • Do you often negotiate with yourself about how much, how often and when you'll drink?                                                                                                                          

  • Do you sometimes quit drinking for periods of time, only to find yourself back in the same patterns and habits?

  • ​Do you have a quiet voice or a nagging feeling inside that something’s a little “off”?

  • Are you newly sober and feeling isolated, alone, or like you just don’t know where to start or where to go from here?​​​

J.L., Maryland

"Working with Andrea was one of the best decisions I've ever made. She is instantly relatable and put me at ease from the start. She coached me through the exploration of my gray area drinking concerns and then we gradually moved on to other areas as I processed a lot of underlying grief, life experiences, and ultimately my career aspirations. After 7 months of coaching I walked away with a clear plan, aligned within myself, and feeling empowered to meet my goals. I highly recommend her!"

If you’re ready to experience the freedom of your life without alcohol, but still wondering HOW…you’ve come to the right place.

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